Anybody broke their legs in a stupid way?

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      I certainly have. I was doing wheelies on my mountain bike and got a spiral fracture. It hurt, bad. But, it’s already been 2 and maybe half months since the break, I might get back into the Mtb world soon enough! I’m interested if any of you have a story like this. Thanks for reading!

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      While I have not broken anything…Yet, I have done a rib cage injury that involved 7 ribs, 5 fractured, 7 dislocated…

      While this sounds mundane, it is pain level 18 on a scale of 1-10. One cannot breathe, fart, smile or simply move in any way while this is active. 2 months healing, 3 months later, the chiro to get sorted the rest of the way. Walked outta the chiro’s office feeling like a new man. Lotsa happy pills washed down with a shot of scotch for insurance purposes!

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