any tips to survive the upcoming summer heat?

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      well i live in israel and to every body that doesnt know its the middle of a fucking dessert its so hot out here any body can give me tips about riding in the heat ive seen videos about it and though they were usefull its not helping very much

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      I live in the Mid-Atlantic USA and although it’s not a desert, it still gets hot and bloody humid in the summer. I’m familiar with riding in the heat and I really hate it (I’ll take the winter temps any day for riding at least). Some of the things I’ll do are:

      -Ride in the early morning just before dawn until about 8:30/9 AM. Or late in the evening 6 PM til dusk. Also if you have legal night riding, do that. Try not to ride in the middle of the day at peak heat. I’ve never been to Israel, but even in the US deserts, it can get much cooler in the early morning/late evening.

      -Seek higher elevations and shade if you can.

      -Wear a lightweight long sleeve shirt. Might not seem logical but it will help with sweat evaporation which cools you and blocks your skin from absorbing sunlight and heating you up. Also prevents sunburn. Good Luck.

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      I live in Florida and getting up early is just not my thing.. So, I Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!! Wear white or light colored wick dry clothes. A White helmet! I carry a cooling towel, there are a dozen brands. And just don’t over do it. Ride mellow, take breaks, and hydrate some more.

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      I ride at night in the summer. It’s still hot, so I also wear a sleeveless jersey which gets me heckled for looking like a triathlete. But honestly it’s worth it to get the extra air flow! I also ditch the backpack for more ventilation.

      Fill your water bottles the night before and stick them in the freezer. Also, bring a cooler with ice and put some washcloths in it. Wipe yourself down after the ride (or mid-ride if you are able to swing back by your vehicle) and wipe yourself down.

      Biking in the heat takes acclimation so the more often you do it, the easier it becomes. Build up to long rides gradually, or start early in the season.

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        Great advice. This will be my first year in the heat in GJ riding. I hike during the day now. I’m sure it will be a different ball game riding.

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        I ride Florida and Utah, both hot as sin!!!  I ride with a long sleeve vented jersey and a bandanna that I soak in water before I ride.  Definitely helps and hydrate the day or two prior.  Pickle juice or slices of pickles on the ride help replace the salts you loose and keep you from cramping.

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      I ride 3-5 times a week in North Texas.  May not be a desert, but can be 100+ with 90% humidity for days on end.  Used to ride early AM and late PM, but found that I’m actually more comfortable riding when the sun is high at 100 degrees than when it’s low sun and 90 degrees because my sweat evaporates faster! Unlike some deserts, it doesn’t cool down much in North Texas summers when the sun goes down.

      The only real tips that have helped me are hydrate, and most effectively, ride often leading up to the hotter days to get acclimated.  I’ve been riding in these temps and humidity for years, and they no longer bother me.  In fact, when I venture further west where humidity is lower, I feel like I’m riding in spring weather even though it’s 100 degrees.  I guess acclimation is a primary key.  On the other side of the coin, I don’t ride well when it’s cold… 😐

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      Ride up north!

      It’s been years since I’ve been in Israel, but if you get out of the desert and go up to Tiberias there’s some decent riding to be done there. Here’s a few good ones:

      As a bonus if Dudek’s Pizza is still there on the west side of the lake, an ice cold Nesher and a slice on the outside patio is awesome. They let you bring your bike to your table, too. Stay out of the Negev and head north. You’ll have a blast.

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