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      I use Strava regularly to track my MTB rides and I’m always interested to see how many people have ridden the MTB segments I complete.

      Has anyone come across a MTB segment with more than 4,000 riders on the leaderboard? I know a lot of segments get more than 4,000 attempts, but I’m interested in finding segments with more than 4,000 individual riders. I’ve found a few but am interested in seeing if there are some I’ve missed…

      The biggest leaderboard I’ve found so far is the Porcupine Rim descent in Moab with 11,600+ riders.

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      I recommend checking popular descents in California, since Strava got its start in Frisco.

      The Luge, 6,458 people

      Full Flow (Demo Forest) 7,026 people

      Ridge DH (Demo Forest) 9,802 people

      Etc. Etc.

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      Check out Wilder Ranch in Santa Cruz.  Old Cabin has ~4700:

      Here is a famous one in Santa Cruz, Emma McCrary trail (EMT), ~6900:

      And the EMT connector trail called U-Conn ~4970:

      People often connect EMT and U-Conn.

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      I found one called helipad to Braille along the ridge trail in Santa Cruz that has nearly 11,000 riders. I think this in in demo forest? Just looking for one segment per trail system.

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      OK, I added the Luge and EMT (thanks guys!) so now the bar for popular segments is set at 6,500 riders. The list currently includes popular rides in Whistler, Moab, and Colorado (both front range and mountains.)

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      The biggest one I’ve seen in my area (Western NC) is the Ridgeline DH Reroute in Dupont State Forest with 5,097 people as of today. Super popular trail and it’s tough to get a clean run. My best time involved a few passes I had to slow down for, still proud of my time though. Top 40!

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      Here’s one in Bend with 6,629:

      Another with 7,294:

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      Top half of Prime Cut in Fruita, 8,172:

      Captain Ahab: 7,874:

      Near Amasa Back: 9,270

      This Porcupine Rim descent has 11,812 riders:

      Beginning of Slickrock: 9,937:

      Pogonip, Santa Cruz: 8,834:

      Part of Camp Tamarancho: 8,535:

      Shout out for high number of attempts: Cholla in Laguna Beach, 100,915 attempts by 8,469 people:

      Found tons of other segments below 8,000 riders, but didn’t include those. Will post back if I find more good ones…

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      williedillon, thanks for the Bend segment tips!

      Greg, do you want to write my article for me? 🙂

      I already found a lot of those segments, just interested in finding out if people know of random trail segments that happen to have a lot of riders. Some of the “usual” suspects I’ve already checked include: Bay Area, LA, Moab, Whistler, Fruita, Salida, CB, Denver, Pisgah, Kingdom Trails, etc.

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