Any riders in Central Illinois?

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      Just getting back into the sport and looking for other riders.

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      I’m a central il rider. Live in the Champaign area and go to school at Eastern IL. Mostly ride Kickapoo near Danville. How about you?

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      I mainly ride Camp Camfield in Sullivan Illinois. Whats the trails like at Kickapoo?

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      Absolutely AMAZING! They truly are phenominal trails…you almost forget you’re in central IL. You should definitely make the trip. My brother actually rides Camfield quite a bit. He lives in Effingham. Who knows…maybe you guys have crossed paths 😀

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      I don’t live in central Illinois, but Danville is my hometown and I visit there once a month or so. I ride at Kickapoo every chance I get. Very nice trails, and many man-made toys to play on.
      There’s also excellent camping and fishing if you want to make a weekend out of it… Ride in the morning and fish in the evenings.

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      Ok sounds great, I will definitely have to check them out. They also have a bicycle festival there too, correct?

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      Looks like August 27-28th is the Fat Tire Festival

      I’ll have to schedule a trip to mom and dads that weekend!

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