Any pittsburgh/western pa single track heads out there?????

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      Just joined the site lookin for locals to ride/chat with.

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      Do they even have single track out there? You need to move to the East side of the state!!! 😄

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      is only a short rip outside the city. actually the editing offices for dirtrag are on this trail system. shoot me an email if your ever in the area id luv to show u what pittsburgh has to offer.


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      I’d def love to check it out. You should write a review of the trail in Mountain Bike Trails Section of this site. I don’t think i saw one in there for hartwood. I have a few buddies in the Pittsburgh area so i’ll def have to bring my bike next time. Thanks and welcome to the site!!!

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      planned on doing a few reviews on here once mother nature cooperates a little more. im sure parts of it are just an absolute mess right now. keep your chain lubed and your eyes peeled. cant wait to meet up with you and your posse.

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      I hit moraine 2-3 times a month, and kennerdell sometimes in there.

      My time is more limited with 3 kids and a house.

      Wanna ride? Shoot me a PM

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      Anyone have directions to get the Stinging Bitch trail? The directions on the trail page are vague and seem horribly inaccurate.

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      I’m just starting, But I been riding in North Park some. I am planning on going to Moraine in the future and a few other places I found as well as some of the trail I am working on behind my house. I have 7.5 acres of woods on my property, so i decided if I can’t go to the trail I will bring them to me.

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      Moraine is definitly good place to ride Never enter their race out there it’s completly unorganized and i wasnt allowed to do the 2 laps i PAYED EXTRA MONEY TO DO in the expert mens class and you don’t get any results until about a month later great trail riding tho Im from ebensburg PA about 20 min out of johnstown I’m racing at Yellowcreek on the 26th of this month they have a race there every month im also entering the wilderness 101 100 mile race in july and to make it more interesting i’m only 17 if anyone knows of good trails near me I’d love to go ride sometime all I ride is quad trails

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