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      Just bought my first real mountain bike and I’m loving it so far!  I picked up a Trek Marlin 7 and while it does everything 10x better than my Walmart special did, the stock Bontrager XR2’s aren’t impressing me much.  After reviewing posts and reviews here I’ve settled on the Maxxis Ardent.  I was wondering if anyone knows whether I will have any issues fitting the 2.4″ on the Marlin?  I think it will clear the frame–will it clear the chain in low gear?

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      That’s hard to say without trying it. Check with your local shop that sells Trek, they may know.

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      Unfortunately they didn’t have much for Maxxis tires.  Going to try a different shop today to see if they have some, but I was curious to see if anyone else owned a Marlin and had already tried.

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      I wish that I could help specifically on that fit.  What I can say is that I run these tires EXO sidewall on my Trek Fuel EX and they are great!  I was running the 2.25 Ardent on the rear (weight savings recommended by some) however went 2.4 on the rear to match the front.  With that said,  the dimensions are different.  I’d even say drastically.  Not only is the 2.4 wider, it is also taller.  Right now, I sit just slightly shorter than a 27.5 my tires being 26×2.4, one guy I rode with on The Whole Enchilada had Schwalbe Nobby Nics 27.5×2.35 and my tires were slightly smaller/shorter, honesty not too far off.  They were surprised at how burly they appear next to others.  So this is something to consider.

      Here is what I can do to help:

      Now with you running a 29×2.4, I’m not sure how tall that sidewall will be.  What I would do is call some bike shops up and/or those that sell/have sold the tire and see if you get any hits.  When I have questions like this, I “shop” for info.  People out there are more than willing to pass you info on what works in the mountain bike community.  Also, shop around.  Art’s Cyclery had the best price when I got mine.  At the time anyway.

      So, when it comes to the tire itself, I can answer just about any question that you have since I have ran them in every terrain and climate.  My recommendation is to get the EXO sidewall as I did, especially if you run tubeless.  If you need any help or questions, let us know.


      Take care,


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      Thanks for the help.  Unfortunately I’m currently stationed in Korea and haven’t been able to find any within walking distance.  At this point it probably doesn’t matter.  We should be getting some significant snow here in the next couple of days that I doubt will be gone by the weekend.  In 2-3 months I should be back home in TX, so I’ll check my LBS when I get back.

      For some reason I couldn’t see the pictures you posted, but I see where you are going.  It looks like I have about 3/8″ (1cm) clearance to either side and nearly 3/4″ (2cm) vertically. From what you have told me, your 26″ picked up nearly 1.5″ total with the 2.4.  Since only half of the change is on either side of the tire (vertically) I might be cutting it close. I picked up the 15.5 inch frame, so I have the 27.5 wheels.  As long as the difference in size isn’t a change in ratio I should see the same difference in measurements.

      That much more tire would be pretty nice though in smoothing out the ride.

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      I sent you a P.M.



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      Late to the reply here but I happen to have this setup. I put on Bontrager 2.4 tires on my Marlin a couple years ago. The problem that you run into is clearance of the front derailleur or shift cable hitting the tire. I slid the derailleur down as low as it could go in order to create as much room as possible. It wasn’t until I started to wear down the rear tread a bit that it would stop rubbing, and the tire pressure had to be down a bit as well. It wasn’t too annoying, and ultimately it was worth it for such a fat knobby tire compared to the skinny speed tire that came on the bike.

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      Each tire manuf is different. Just the difference in stack heights (how high and spacing of the knobs) could drive you crazy. One 29 -2.4 could be smaller than a 29-2.2 if the 2.2 had huge stacks heights.

      I am waiting for a set of Vittoria Mazza Trails 29×2.4’s for my Marlin 7 (2021) to aide in my winter commute as I can’t find a decent priced (under $300) fat tire bike for commuting and some minor trail riding. I’ll know in about a week if they will fit.

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