Any interest in trail building in Charleston, Il.

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      I was curious if anyone would be interested in building trails near the Charleston area. I have contacted an IMBA rep. about this and he said he would be willing to help if there was enough interest in the area. I have contacted the EIU cycling club to see if they have any mtn bikers but never got a reply. Must be a bunch of roadies. Anyway, there is a state park (Fox ridge) south of town and i believe there is some city land near a water treatment plant. To my understanding there is/was a trail on the water treatment plant property of about three miles in length. The bike shop said the trail is overgrown at the moment and there are some accecability issues of whether or not the public can access the land. It could be possible that we expand this area.

      I haven’t spent any time talking with city officials etc. I would like to see if any interest exists and then work through IMBA.

      Eastern Illinois University is also in Charleston so I would assume there would be some interest from the college students but don’t know for sure, as the Cycling did not reply to me.

      Let me know if anyone is interested.

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