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      Yo. I’m new to Glenwood Springs CO and am looking to ride with folks, old, young, healthy, rehab’g, whatever. Myself, I ride a Gary Fischer Montare, skinny knob tires , shock. So i prefer fast hard packed dirt roads or smooth singletrack; the rocks connected to the center of the earth cause issues for the 700’s. I’ve "ridden" Prince Creek, Rio. I also raft, mountaineering, etc. I am slowly getting back in shape, so i’m riding the less steep stuff for know. Anyhow, have fun out dere…

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      Hey man, welcome to Garfield county. I have many places to to go ride, however I must stay on flat hard surfaces for another month due to shoulder surgury. I live right up the road in Silt but would love to ride. I will PM you with my number.



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