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      Not sure if it’s necessary but I know of a few builders on the site and it would only attract more.I picture stickied links to IMBA guidelines and write ups by builders as well as ongoing threads about building new trails responsibly and with a very high fun level. 😃

      It may be a bad idea sectioning it off by itself too,maybe the threads being in the general section will inspire more people to help out on a work day at their local trail,or get started on their own property,than if it were in its own section.

      What do you think?

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      I think that’s a cool idea man. I wonder if maybe trailbuilding threads couldn’t fall under other forums, specifically the regional forums if it is a local trail that is getting worked on by a public.

      I would love to see a greater emphasis on trailbuilding and maintenance, however. Maybe I/we will have to take it upon ourselves to write more blog posts on the topic.

      Lots of good points… great food for thought….

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      I added a little board skinny over a pit out at The Rock trail here,and when I put the 3 pics up of it, I did it in the Rock Trail thread in the Southeast section.The reason I put the there that time was I really didn’t feel any need to go into detail about how I put the board there,why I chose that line or anything,I just wanted anyone interested to know that there is something new to ride.

      I had wrote that little guide on building a drop in the DH/Freeride section but only because it was a drop.Maybe it would have caught more eyes in the general section but I didn’t feel it was general enough of a topic,was more specific to building,but possibly didn’t belong in the DH/FR section either,haha.

      I guess it’s that feeling that where I put the build stuff is all over the place,so that led me to the question of a dedicated building section.

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      I would love to see a category dedicated to the building aspect. In general, the topic is out of sight as soon as it slides down the page. It would be much easier to browse everyone’s efforts if they shared a category of their own.

      2 cents and all that 😀

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      I’d have to agree with you about it disappearing kinda fast.Good point.

      Please,all the 2 cents you guys wanna throw in,haha.

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      I have not built a trail but do a fare amount of just general maintenance. A section on trail building/maintenance would be beneficial.

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      I love the idea, I’m in the beginning of a ‘built from scrtatch’ trail and I don’t want to disturb the surrounding enviroment, also I don’t want to introduce too much man-made stuff but would rather use fallen trees, limbs, rocks etc. and take full advantage of the lay of the land I would definately appreciate other riders input and expertise, GREAT IDEA GALAXY

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      I would love to have a section on trailbuilding

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      "I raise my hand in agreement!" I think it would be great to have all trailbuilding related info found in one place for easy reference.

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      I’ll add my 2 cents in agreement. 😃 That is usually the first forum I hit when visiting the competing MTB site.

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      "RoadWarrior" wrote

      That is usually the first forum I hit when visiting the competing MTB site.

      Have to admit that I check that "other" forum a lot myself.

      Over the last couple years I find that I spend as much time doing trail design and construction as I do riding trails, so it is something that I think about a lot. There is a lot of folklore out there — some good and some bad — and it would be nice if that info could be discussed. I think that creating a central place for sharing the knowledge would help get more and better quality trails constructed. A wiki would be ideal, but a separate forum would still be be better than nothing.

      Based on all the replies on this topic it seems like there may be enough interest here to justify a separate forum. Jeff, what do you think?

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      Wow,I thought a few people would like the idea but there’s quite a few of you guys into building,that’s great to see! Keep buildin guys!!

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      I agree, it would be nice to have dedicated area for trail building. I’ve seen what can be done with just a few acres and would love some input on how to layout a trail on my families 51 acre plot.

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      Hey everyone,

      Thanks for the great input and ideas for a Trailbuilding section! The new sub-forum is now live here: viewforum.php?f=106

      If you know of any other threads that already exist about trailbuilding, please send me a PM with a link to the thread in question, and I’ll get it moved over.

      Happy building!

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