Any advice for me? Need a dj bike that can do singletrack to

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      I need everything in 1 bike… I am a singletrack hardtail rider w a bmx background. I don’t want a straight up singlespeed dj bike but I love the laid back geometry cuz I want to manual and hop curbs and small street stuff. I’ve owned a Norco Bigfoot which got ripped off and I loved it in the mtns, but never got a chance to ride dirt or street. A JAmis Dakkar XC which wasnt for me and a Kona 06 Cinder Cone which is a good climber, but I not satisfied. I’m a little unsure of size too… I’m 5’11 and my Kona is an 18, Jamis was 19, too big, and Bigfoot was a little small I think. I’m not rich and I buy used so I won’t be looking for a Santa Cruz Jackal or Ellsworth. ANy advice is welcome but don’t bash me too much!

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      First off, welcome!

      Second, no one is going to bash you for wanting to ride what you want to ride. MTB is all about fun, not worrying about what others think.

      Now, onto your question.

      I have been where you want to be, so I can give you advice from my experience.

      When I was young (mid to late 90’s), I was into XC type riding. I went to college and got out of riding, sold my XC bike for beer money. Later in college, my roomate got me into Urban and DJ riding. He had a Kona Scab. Next year I went out and bought the first year of the Kona Shred (they stopped making the Scab). The Shred and it’s higher-end brethren (The Stuff) are pretty much what you are looking for, maybe the Kona Five-O. I’m 5’8" and I rode the Medium frame. You’d probably want the Large frame. Really fun bikes.

      I went to grad school on Long Island. I hosed myself pretty good on an urban run one day, so I got back into some singletrackin’. At this point my Shred had a slightly lighter fork and better tires on it, and I found it made a really fun trail bike…heavy and slow to climb, but fast on the flowy stuff, and rips downhill for a hardtail. If you went after the weight a little bit, it could make a decent climber too. I had no problem keeping up with others on the trails.

      Anyway, I think those Kona frames are some of the most perfect aggressive, all-around hardtails. They aren’t as twitchy or fast as a true DJ-rig, but they are beefy and solid. And they are priced pretty well, I think.

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      My friend owns a Kona Shred. I believe it is an entry level DJ bike so if you are just starting out on the gig, then you may want to take 8valve’s advice and look into the Shred. If you are looking to spend a little more, I’ve heard that the Specialized P.2 is rather decent, or even the P.3 (just not the P.1 as that is a single speed) the only complaint that they mentioned was that it comes loaded with an 80mm fork, unfortunately I don’t recall which it was.

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      Thanks for the replies. I;ve looked at both and I’ve been leaning towards the p2. I only hope that leaning towards dj bikes won’t hurt mt trail riding. It ends up costing a lot of $$ when you want to change your riding styles.

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