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      Lets hear what everyone has in store goal wise for 2012. It would be cool to keep this thread active thru out the year updating our progress as we set-out to achieve our 2012 goals.

      1. Ride 25 different trials, all at different locations.
      2. Map out at least 5 trails that are not listed on ST.
      3. Get involved with my LBS’s ride/trail building sessions.
      4. Compete in at least one race.
      5. Clock 2000 MTB km’s.

      General goals
      1. Get my kids out riding with me as much as possible.
      2. Get myself in the best shape of my life for my 40th B-day. (just under 7 months away)

      Welcome 2012!!

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      Great idea for a thread! I’ve got several ideas for goals, but am not sure which ones I want to pursue the most.

      Top 2:
      1. Ride my DH bike way more this year
      2. Do a dirty century.

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      I don’t have any ride goals for the new year, other than to ride more. I get an extra week of vacation this year so that should help. 😃

      My main goal for this year is to do more trail work. There is a dilapidated trail system near my house that needs some major TLC. My goal is to get those trails re-opened.

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      As long as we’re talking about goals, here’s a list of New Year’s resolutions from some of the top pro riders in the world: … orld-32793

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      My goals for 2012 is to ride the Gold Mine Loop on Ft. Mtn. in chatsworth ga. And to go ride Bear Creek in ellijay ga. I’ve only been riding for three months and can ride 4.5 to 5 miles steady.

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      My goals each year are usually far broader than I can reasonably achieve. Due to extensive family and new job requirements and injuries, 2011 wasn’t one of my better years on the bike (although stellar in every other way).

      For 2012, here are the "altruistic" goals:
      1. At least double the number of days spend on trail work
      2. At least double the number of rides I lead for my local MTB club
      3. Continue my MTB trail advocacy with local land maangers

      Now for the selfish stuff, which all revolves about riding as many trails, preferably new ones, as possible. For obvious reasons, this gets harder every year.
      On my wish list for this year:
      1. Ride some of the epic trails I missed while I was living in Montana (darn that work!)
      I should have the chance to hit a few as I’ll be delivering my daughter to Montana State to start college. The must do rides are the Curly Lake Highline and the Bangtail Divide along with some shorter, lesser known rides. Also expect to hit a lesser known (or two) ride in the Bighorn Mountians of Northern Wyoming on the drive between Co and Mt.
      2. Hit the Fat Tire Festival in Vernal Ut. Vernal may not become the next Fruita, but it looks like there’s plenty of superb singletrack and it looks like a great place to hit a FTF without the Fruita or Moab-sized crowds.
      3. Cover the best of the rides I’ve missed that are accessible as a day trip from home. These include the Kenosha/Jefferson Loop, Cottonwood Gulch, Tipperary Creek, West Magnolia and the Salt Creek/McQuaid Loop.
      4. Make one weekend per month a MTB weekend, hitting great rides that are just a bit far away for day trips including:
      a. Taos–South Boundary Trail and something else along the way
      b. Crested Butte–401/403, Reno/Flag/Bear/Deadman, Doctor’s Park (gonna’ need a long weekend for this one).
      c. Southcentral Colorado, bedding down somewhere between Del Norte and Pagosa Springs, hitting some lesser known stuff.
      d. Moab to do The Whole Enchilada, Sovereign Trail and the new Magnificent Seven route to Poison Spider Mesa.
      5. Find at least three new routes, not yet documented, and share them with Singletracks members.

      I know going in, this isn’t all going to happen, but I know I’ll come closer than last year. Here’s looking forward to an epic 2012!

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      I’m going to enter my first race this year but I don’t know which one yet. Probably a race that is close to where I live 😃

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      I just started riding last year and did about 500 miles.

      This year my goal is 1212 miles.

      Also just to get better, and ride more challenging stuff.

      Ride more trails around me.

      Be able to ride 20 miles without dying. Currently ride around 8-10 miles. I have done 14 miles before.

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      First and foremost…..

      To get back on my steed and shred some sweet soil!

      The rest will fall into place at a latter date… 😆

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      I only get to ride once a week at the most, but I will do a 1000 mile year. It don’t sound like much but I’ve only been ridin about 7 months. Of course I want to ride the fingers at Loyce Harp Park and make a complete run at Balm Boyette with out having to be carried out.

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      "RazorRay" wrote

      I only get to ride once a week at the most, but I will do a 1000 mile year. It don’t sound like much but I’ve only been ridin about 7 months. Of course I want to ride the fingers at Loyce Harp Park and make a complete run at Balm Boyette with out having to be carried out.

      Your too funny bro! 😆

      The fingers are a blast and Balm is fun as well. Have rode all of it minus a couple mew trails just built out there. RazorRay, you must be in the Central FL area to be talking about riding those trails. Goos to hear another FL rider chimming in here on Singletracks. 😄


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      My current goal,to hit the 5 foot drop at Santos,haha.

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      First and foremost its get out and do some trail work. Secondly I would like to ride ten new trails. Maybe even try and ride 500 plus miles. Finally I would like to learn some maintenance that I can do myself.

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