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      Oh where to begin, I have gotten back into riding a couple of years ago with a used "walmart" bike that someone was nice to take off of my hands so I could pickup a Trek 4300HT which I still ride when I can, I started looking for a newer bike with full suspension and after riding some very nice bikes I went the route of building my own with parts I liked,
      In comes a Kona Dawg Deluxe.

      I really need to get out and ride but being a Over the Road truck driver has it’s ups and downs When I can I get to ride in a few different states but I sometimes miss out on the good trails do to lack of time or knowledge of where the trails are which this site will help with from what I have read so far.

      As for skills I see that I have a long ways to go to get back to anything I once 😮


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      Sweet, welcome to the boards, hope you are able to find some time and get out and ride, being a driver like that must really take a lot out of you, especially time. Let us know if you are able to hit up any trails, and hopefully you find it intoxicating. Oh yah, don’t be afraid to ask some questions around here.

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      I will post when I can my last ride was in Kingman AZ it was a short ride being it was 104deg outside.. I gave a wide birth to the Cactus they have down there we do not have cactus that puncture an artery if you were to fall on to one.
      I did find a trail head by the truck stop that I will hit up next time I stop, I am looking forward to going back up to Portland Ore this week maybe I can get a ride in along the Columbia river again this time go for more miles.
      The project
      And the currant ride

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