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      I think this is about the 100th question I’ve asked about upgrading to disc brakes…but nevertheless, here it goes: I just took my ’09 GF Marlin in to have BB7s put on, and found that I needed to get a centerlock rotor adapter (ordered the alligator centerlock adapter from, which made me feel like an idiot b/c I thought I had everything I needed. At any rate, my questions is this; has anyone ever had to use an adapter for disc brakes? Will this affect the performance of the brakes at all? Optimally, I would’ve been able to upgrade the wheelset to one that has the 6-bolt hubs already, but I don’t quite have the money for that 😢 Any help/encouragement would be appreciated 😳

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      If you have Shimano Center lock hubs..thousands have been upgraded to discs, with no issues that I know of. Certainly a sensible option to buying a new set of disc specific wheels if there are budgetary constraints. Enjoy your BB7s…they will certainly provide a greater level of control…and may have you reaching for Juicys as time goes on.

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