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      We’re hoping to answer some common (and not so common) mountain bike repair questions next year in a new series.

      Is there an annoying thing your bike does that you just can’t figure out? A weird sound that only happens sometimes? Don’t understand how some new thing is supposed to work?

      Let us know here and we’ll see if we can find an answer!

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      Jeff, this oughtta be good. There are so many things that happen and sound transmits elsewhere in the bike and trips folks up.

      Hope this helps peeps keep their bikes happenin and they enjoy the ride more.

      Generally, my bikes have been trouble free but that time cometh. :/


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      Any problem with a bike is annoying, especially if it causes you to hike back instead of ride.  I think the real trick is knowing enough to solve most of your own problems. Not every shop is a good shop, and even good shops will take a while to turn around your bike.  IMO Skills a new rider should prioritize are:

      • flat repairs,
      • if you go tubeless know tubeless set-up (even if you want to cheat and use the system).
      • broken chain replacement and how to check for wear.
      •  derailleur adjustment basics, including hanger alignment because that gets knocked so often
      • brake adjustments, pad inspection and changing.
      • greasing what needs greased, oil on what needs oil and blue loctite on what needs to stay put, and knowing the difference.

      More extensive repairs like linkage bearings or shock rebuilds is where I tap out.  But I have come to enjoy wrenching on bikes and have saved quite a bit of money doing it.

      I’ve ran across people on trail who really had no clue.  I was able to help them but they could’ve had a LONG walk back and could have easily remedied their own issue with a little knowledge.

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      I am convinced that some days my bike just does not like me. Sometimes it pulls the tires out from under me, it goes left when I want to go right, tires go flat, etc. I try to be nice to it. It just gets a desire to induce pain when I least expect it.

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      OldandRolling, I hear you. Sometime mine seems to get heavier up hill too!

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      How to effortlessly install Cushcore. 🙂 Seriously though, any tips to identify and solve creaks would be great.

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      WTF are those damn creaks coming from???

      Why is it when you leave your LBS your bike shifts like butter but 10min into your ride it shifts like sh!t???

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      <p style=”text-align: right;”>Great topic!  My suggestions:</p>
      Second everyone on the creaks!  I’ve been fighting a creak in my drivetrain somewhere for 2 years.  Same with my seat.  I can do full on fork rebuilds but cannot conquer these damn creaks!  Have basically given up.

      Also oils and greases too.  For oils, when do I really need to use the manufacturers brand oil?  Or what are options for using more commonly available oils instead of the crazy over priced bike brand oil.  For grease; what grease for different areas?  Or is there one type that can handle most areas?  I basically use 2 types in different areas based on my judgement (light and heavy).  No clue if I am using them correctly.  Might be good to hit on areas you can use either oil or grease (like hubs) and what is the difference.

      I’m sure I’ll think of more.

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      Oil and grease… Ugh!

      I use exclusively Slick Honey with my CK and Onyx hubs. Chains are never, under any circumstance oiled or greased however, oil/greaseless lube like Rock Lube is “bike liniment”.

      Oldandrolling doesn’t talk nicely to his bike or shower it with gifts, stands to reason…  No love!

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      I am trying Slickoleum.  It’s half the price of Slick Honey, maybe because it doesn’t say bike on the label?  Is this a problem or is grease just grease?  Sounds great so far on my hub.

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      I use Dumonde Tech Lite Formula, works for me. Sometimes I might put too much though, but it still gives no problems. I go thru all gears a few times to spread it around.

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      Slickoleum should be fine. Dunno if it is as slick and slippery as Slick Honey tho’. And as below, so long as it is in the hub and not exposed to dirt and grit.

      GJmtb, always avoid oils and grease on dirvetrain that is exposed. Dirt sticks to it and grinds parts into oblivion in short order.

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      I was having trouble getting my front brake disc centered enough in the caliper to not drag (Guide RE). That was annoying. In the process of attempting to remedy that I overtightened one of the bolts and stripped the threaded hole in my fork. That was more annoying.

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      Thanks Sunspot.

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      Brake rub. Feels like when I get it perfect in the stand, first mile is rubbing again.

      I guess I need a better workout?

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      I did this when I was first installing my brakes. The thing that really chafes is I was using a torque wrench and was only at 4-6nM. Eventually that bolt fell out but was easy to replace at Home Depot and I got some spares in case it happens again.

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