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      Anybody ride Angwin?
      Been riding here for ten years. Still haven’t seen a soul.
      Always looking for new parnters. I know the area well.
      Am willing to give tours Sat. mornings.
      Let’s hook up!

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      Oh yeah good stuff. done 100s of miles there. We think the best is when its frozen and the steam gysers are putting out. Were Sunday morning people. What loops you do? West end screaming dips? Angwish in the rain?

      Riding is life all else is waiting

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      Angwish is always a fun climb. Middle rung and 3rd = altered state of concsiousness!

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      Single speed leaves little choice. everything is middle ring 😏 Thought Angwish was a downhill:{)

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      I haven’t gone down Angwish in years. I always ride up it after cleaning some of the sick singletracks heading down to the first fireroad.
      I’ve been working on climbing up The Wall. I’ve cleaned every section, I just need to piece it all together. It’s very hit/miss, but I’ve been able to climb 3/4 of the way up about ten times!
      I’m headed out there again this morning. Unfortunately, The Wall will be too wet to climb. On the other hand, the recent rain has turned the singletracks (most of which I built – not on any map – except the one on my wall), into pure loamy bliss.

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      We used to stop on the way from Anandale and ask shops about rides. They didnt tell us anything until the big flood year and we came in muddy and bloody. They said go to the flashing light and head east to the airport.

      So off we went a new ride to be found in sheets of rain we sat at the airport. the next week I picked some topos up got the markers out and a plan was laid. Scouted off that map for over a year before we saw another soul there.

      It’s one of our cold wet rides and the seasons changing. I’ll look for the Jeep You look for the big guy on the blue Marin SS

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