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      In Minnesota, we had a brutal end to the winter season. Record snow falls in February…wind chill below -50°F…thousands of car crashes due to poor road conditions. But alas, we got a major warm up in March, the snow melted, and the rivers are flooded….mmmm…spring in Minnesota.

      The downside to this is, the sustainable trail systems we all ride, are CLOSED. The frost is still in the ground, and most of the trails zig zag through wooded areas that still have a bit of snow. The MTB community is itching to get back out there and enjoy some dirt.

      I guess the point of this thread was to inspire some of you out there who live in areas with hero dirt. Get out and enjoy some extra bike time for those of us sitting on the sideline. This will be my first full summer back in the saddle in quite a while…and the wait is agonizing.

      Have a great Wednesday!

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      ….or instead of waiting, get in your car, drive 10-12 hours to wherever and RIDE!!!

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      Hey Brad, most of us have felt – at least a portion of – your pain.  Whereas the winter for many of us was not nearly as severe the amount of precipitation was substantial.  The good news is that with the warm weather of the last couple of weeks and – dare I say – limited amount of precipitation that (most) trails have improved dramatically in a very short period of time.  Hopefully you’ll experience the same very shortly.  In the interim, stay active (road, zwift, hiking, running, lifting, etc) and you’ll be back on dirt in no time!

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      Yes the wait is real. Haven’t been biking in years, Just bought my fiancé an entry level Giant myself an even cheaper bike. Didn’t have much money to get started, and wanted her safe, So plan on upgrading mine piece by piece. So if you see a weirdo with a go pro on his head and a Schwinn bike that looks frankensteined together with aftermarket parts on it that would be me haha.

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