An Open Apology to My Readers, My Publisher, and My Editor

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      (x-post from the general discussion forum)

      On previous trips to AZ, I have always wanted to ride La Milagrosa, but something has always prevented me. This year, we made a Christmas visit to my father in law in Tucson, and Miniskibum and I were actually able to pull off this amazing ride.

      I suspected the trail may be worth a full ride report, complete with some action shots. I wasn’t sure since reviews were mixed, but set off with camera in backpack and notebook in hand just in case. Along the way, I found out this trail absolutely RIPS!!! 😄

      But in the process of having so much fun, the camera never came out of the pack. On the descents, the only stop was to fix a flat. I could blame Miniskibum as he refused to wait for his old man as he flew down the miles of challenging gnar. He’s long had to put up with me using him as an action model for trail articles and he was having so much fun, I couldn’t bring myself to make him wait for me to pass, find a spot for a shot, set up, and give him the go. Truth be told, once I found the flow (which took a couple miles–the trail is tough), I didn’t want to stop myself and I quite relished the challenge of trying to keep Miniskibum on my sights. Bottom line, the day became devoted to purely hedonistic selfishness, and ended up being one of both our favorite rides ever.

      I can see how the trail is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially with the amount of hike-a-bike involved, but for us it was pure fat-tire nirvana. If you like long gnarly descents, and don’t mind pushing your bike most of the first mile, I can’t recommend this trail high enough. It is an absolute must for any adventurous and skilled rider visiting Tucson!

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