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    Dang, Summer is still a month away and it’s already hot. Took a short (hour and 10 minute) ride late this afternoon and came back completely drenched. Based on past experience, hyperthermia ain’t any fun.¬†Time to pace ourselves and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

    The Stumpjumper was drenched too, lol.

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    Pedialyte can be your friend. Mix it half an half with water. Bring your regular water also, but have a small little bottle of Pedialyte mixed with water for when you need a quick replenish of electrolytes and other minerals. I was stationed in Louisiana for 4.5 years. When we used to go out for field training I would bring like 10 bottles of that stuff. AMAZING!


    Happy riding! ūüėÄ

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    Thanks for the tip regarding Pedialyte. Need to give it a try.

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    Niiiiice! You and I need to trade places. Up here (New York) it’s cold, dark, damp and depressing -I’ll take 90, sunny and humid seven days a week. (…geez, I -really- need to move!).

    Good tip on the pedialyte – I’m also a fan of Skratch Labs powder, but it can be pricey.

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      Yeah, I’ll take the heat over the cold ANY day of the week.¬† And the best part of riding here down here in the Republic of Texas… you can ride all year ’round!

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    I can relate.  Riding in FL can be brutal May-Oct.  I always take the hydration pack and usually drink about 20 oz. of water with a hydration tab an hour before riding.  I have also found it very helpful to begin pre-hydrating 24-48 hours before a longer ride.

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    Ah yes. Nothing adds to the excitement of a trail ride more than getting drops of sweat in yours eyes as to are coming up to jump or technical challenge.


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