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      I just posted in another thread about a dent in the frame of my current rig. I’m hoping I won’t have issues in continuing to ride it, but if I can’t I will likely just strip all components off the frame and rebuild. I currently ride a 2015 transition transam (upgraded every component except the pike fork). What would be some good potential frame build options with the following musts?

      -non boost / 29er (thru axle)

      -modern geo (“do it all hard tail”)

      -horizontal dropouts (I ride SS locally in Charlotte, but throw gears on when I head to Pisgah)

      -Steel or carbon (not totally against a knock off Chinese carbon frame if anyone has had good experiences with those?)

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      Are there any modern geometry 29 HTs without boost?

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        my current frame (transition transam) is. my wheels and fork are non boost so would be ideal to just put on a new frame. That’s why I’m asking what’s out there.

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      You could always use a boost frame with a conversion kit on the rear wheel.

      I think the Octame One Prone and NS Eccentric are both still non boost. NS available in steel.

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      If you can accept that it’s not steel or carbon, the Salsa Timberjack fits everything else you want.

      The Alternator drop outs can take basically every standard (except the pure evil that is “super boost”).  They can adjust chain stay length…


      beyond that, maybe a Santa Cruz Carbon Chameleon.  I think they have non boost dropouts.

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        thanks! I like that chameleon from Santa Cruz.

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      I like the geo of the Norco Torrent and the Specialized Fuze.  However, they both have boosted frames and would need a conversion kit.

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      @nikofraser: “my current frame (transition transam) is. my wheels and fork are non boost so would be ideal to just put on a new frame. That’s why I’m asking what’s out there”

      2015 is not a modern frame. Nothing was Boost at that point save maybe some Trek bikes (they invented it). If you are dead set (you should not be, but more on that in a second) on non-Boost then you’ll be buying used. A fantastic used hardtail that would be non-boost would be a Kona Honzo through ’15. Good luck finding one as they are coveted. Honestly your best bet is to buy a Boost hardtail frame, get a $20 conversion kit and ride on.


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        thanks for the insight. I have the pike fork that I absolutely love as well as some pretty sweet dt Swiss spline 1501 wheels. both are non boost so even with the conversion kit, I wouldn’t be able to use the fork, so it would be ideal to effectively rebuild my current bike on a new frame if I needed to. Any idea if I could do that on the current non boost fork with a boost frame? I’m guessing no.

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        You can put a  non-boost fork on a boost frame.

        A boost frame will have 12×148 rear spacing. The front spacing is dictated by the fork you put on. So you can keep your Pike.

        you would need a boost adapter kit to keep your current rear wheel.

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      All gonna be boost. Also whats your price point? You can spend  $300 or $3000 on a frame.

      kona honzo (i ride 2020 ST model)

      Guerilla Gravity Pedalhead

      Norco Torrent

      Stanton makes a bunch of HTs

      Ragley big wig or big al (good value)

      niner make a nice steel HT

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      While it is boost, the RSD MiddleChild is a damn nice choice available in steel, Ti or aluminum. Sliding dropouts are standard. 27.5+/29 x 2.6 capable and any non plus tire/wheel will do the deed. Check em out…

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