After a Loooong Layoff…

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      I’m back and way into Mountain Biking… So much fun!! I originally got into it back in 1983 or so with a Univega. The kind with those triangle handle bar stem and bars connected. I used to train for racing MX with it and back then remember spent almost to much time on it! Eventually got a GT Avalanche around 1987 then been out of it since 88 or so…

      So over 20 years of just riding dirt bikes and surfing I see a video of what guys are doing now on MB’s… 😮 😮 First thing I thought was WOW!!! The bikes must be built insane to do that stuff! Anyway, last week I went down to a local shop here in Hawaii and picked up a Kona Nunu. I been active surfing, paddling and riding dirt bike but when I got on the MB I rode till I almost puked… Hahahaha!!!! Awesome… LOVE THIS AGAIN! 😄

      BTW, this is a great, very informative forum… Aloha, Blane

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      Welcome aboard man, glad you’re getting back into the sport! MTB = FUN TIMES! 😄

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