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      Hello, im new to this forum and I confess that I did not do a search around before posting, but i wanted to see if anyone can recommend me an affordable rear hitch mount rack for 2 bikes.

      Ive seen some for a couple of hundred and it is basically a metal tube that holds the bike, I don’t think they are worth 200.

      also I do not know if buy buying something affordable, i’m gonna end up loosing my somewhere in the highway.

      can anyone recommend.

      thank you


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      Depends on what type of hitch rack you want. If you’re ok with a hanging hitch rack for 2 bikes, here’s one on Amazon for about $88.

      However, I suspect you want a tray-style rack, which is more convenient (and more expensive). Here’s a bare-bones model, also from Amazon, that costs a bit more–$132–but still well under $200.

      Note: I haven’t tried either of these racks so I can’t vouch for their quality.

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      Recently purchased this rack to take our bike to the beach from TN. It is not the best, but far from the worst. The bikes are held securely, but I am unsure of long term durability.



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      Thank you guys for the answers, I will check them out.

      I was tying to find out if there is a favorite affordable model in the forum.


      thank you

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      I purchased this tray style hitch mount rack thru amazon 3 years ago and have driven thousands of miles and beat the tar out of it in summer and winter.  It has held up well and the bikes stay secure.


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      I had the Swagman rack (twice) that Jeff and the other poster mentioned. Mine was sold by another manufacturer and I bought it thru Performance but it’s the same rack. I never had a single problem with the rack. I will admit that I wasn’t toting around $15K in bikes in the past though.

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      I would rather spend a little more to get something I know is going to be rock solid and dependable, as well as easy to fix or replace parts should something happen.


      I use a Kuat Transfer 2. It can be had for right around 240 or less if you shop around hard enough. It looks great on every car or SUV, and the company is wonderful to work with on the customer service front.


      Kuat Transfer

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      I have the Swagman Sitkka 2 – paid $269 and love it so far. Seems solid and holds two bikes. Folds up or leans down for better truck / hatch access. I did a YouTube video review of it if you’re interested. They have the rack at Etrailer, Carid or drawtite hitches…not bad at all.

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