Affordable Full Suspension for Newbies

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      In the few months I have been participating on the forums here, I have seen a lot of questions from new riders to the effect of,
      [i:1k2ld4zl]"I’ve been riding…[/i:1k2ld4zl]
      *this cheap bike from Walmart
      *an old hardtail from the 90’s
      *my friend’s bike

      [i:1k2ld4zl]…is it possible to find a decent full suspension bike for $1,000 or less?"[/i:1k2ld4zl]

      First, this is NOT a hardtail vs. full suspension discussion, but rather a specific answer to a specific question.

      After seeing some posted success stories and a little research, here are some FS bikes in the $1,000 neighborhood that are worth a look. These bikes all have "real" suspension, i.e. air or oil shocks, NOT a plain coil spring. Some have hydraulic disc brakes, some mechanical.
      These bikes will all be heavier than the high end models, and the components will most likely wear out sooner than the fancy stuff.
      Still, these will get you out on the trail with full suspension, and individual parts can be replaced/upgraded as needed.

      Of course, the ultimate decision comes down to fit, comfort, riding style and the types of trails a rider wants to hit…but this guide should help jumpstart the shopping:

      Giant Yukon FX (msrp $920.00)

      Jamis Dakar XC (msrp $1,025.00)

      Sette Ace XC (msrp $999) *PricePoint house brand with complete Sram X-7 component group

      Sette Flite AM (msrp 1,199) *PricePoint house brand with complete Sram X-7 component group and 20mm thru-axles

      K2 Base 2.0 (msrp not listed) Tends to run under $1,000

      KHS XC204 (msrp $1,199.00)

      And for the ladies:
      K2 T:9 Ridgeline (msrp not listed) Tends to run under $1,000

      I hope this helps, and don’t count out used bikes and hardtails.

      Happy shopping and riding!

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      Awesome thread man. All nice bikes. But i think i will buy the YUKON 😆

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      "Biohazard74" wrote

      Awesome thread man. All nice bikes. But i think i will buy the YUKON 😆

      Great choice!

      I just wanted you to feel good about it after the fact… 😆

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      Nice thread MaddSlacker. This question does seem to come up over and over. If you have made up your mind to go FS, this gives you a good place to start your research. That price point really hasn’t gone up since I bought my first FS 5 1/2 years ago.

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      I must they are all nice looking bikes. And after the Yukon i really like the KHS XC204

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      The KHS has a decent component group too.

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      "maddslacker" wrote

      The KHS has a decent component group too.

      Yeah man. That definately would of been my 2nd choice

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      Great post.

      Don’t forget, if you can wait til the end of model year when the shop is down to the last couple of a closed out model, you can pick up some rocking deals. For example, I dropped right at a grand for my Rush. Can’t find a MSRP for that old of a model year, but have found some posts on in the $1400 to $1800 range. Pretty good discount…

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      I’ve found that if you do your home work and wait till the end of the model year you can get some pretty good dicounts also. I picked up a 2008 Cannandale Prophet 3 at the begaining of this summer for $1450.00.

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      I am a proud owner of a Yukon FX, its a great bike for the money, now I am wanting something lighter, but I have really enjoyed it.

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      Hey, this is a useful thread. Thanks.
      Is there a similar one for entry hardtails?
      Since this is the season for new 2010 models to emerge, we will see these types of discussion in earnest all over again!

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