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      Looks like a pretty good package, Never heard of the Suntour Aion… Actually a lot of “smaller” brands have some pretty nice build kits..

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      Hey man,

      Here’s a review Aaron wrote on the Aion:

      Review: SR Suntour Aion Fork

      And a review I wrote on the slightly more expensive Auron:

      Final Review: SR Suntour Auron Fork


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      Thanks man! Know of any trail bikes under $2200?

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        The Intense Foundation spec’d models are a solid deal at your price point. Tons of possibilities online IF you can do your own set up and maintenance. Otherwise look around for local shops selling off end of year demos/rentals. Party.

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      Get the Kona…it’s gorgeous!  The Aion is an amazing fork!  You definitely wouldn’t regret it if you get it!   And it’s super easy to service yourself if you like to do things yourself and SR Suntour service through envelo is awesome.

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      I’m actually getting pretty stoked about this..

      The one and only thing that is not cool is that it has a 34.9 diameter seatpost tube… those aren’t popular.. luckily the Reverb does come in that size but was really looking at a Transfer.. oh well

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