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      This isn’t the first time the Big Creek trails have been threatened, but it looks pretty serious this time. And the nerve to pave over bike trails with tennis courts!

      Sign the petition, support RAMBO, and attend the city council hearings if you can. From RAMBO:

      1. Come to the City Council meeting, be seen and let your voice be heard respectfully if there is time for public comment.

      When: Monday, August 13th 7 PM

      Where: Roswell City Hall-  38 Hill St, Roswell, Georgia 30075

      Facebook event:
      2. Support RAMBO – Roswell Alpharetta Mountain Bike Organization

      Facebook page and website
      3. If you live in Roswell, contact your City  Council member and let them know that you support the preservation of the shared use trails at Big Creek Park.

      4. Sign the petition:

      Info on the proposed development:

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      I get this message when I click the link for the petition…


      This petition isn’t available. Either the URL is incorrect, it violated our Community Guidelines, or the starter removed it.

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      I signed the petition a couple days ago as did a lot of other bikers I know.  Looks like the project has been scrapped.


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      Well that was quick. Success!

      From the article, “We thought the tennis center would have given the east side of Roswell a destination that would draw people from all over the region.”

      Guess no one realized the trails already draw people from all over the region? IMO Big Creek is one of the big 3 in the Atlanta metro for mountain biking (Chicopee, Blankets, Big Creek) which means it draws people from all over the area, plus folks visiting from out of town. Plenty of tennis courts in Roswell, but only one Big Creek MTB trail network.

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      I don’t even understand the leaps of logic one must make to think replacing miles of multi-use trails with 100+ single-use tennis courts would attract more people. Perhaps they meant dollars?

      Either way, I’m glad for Georgia MTB’ers and other groups who use the trails that this has been shot down.

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