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      So I spent this afternoon on a 2017 Intense Spider 275 Carbon SL. Ripper of a bike, but I need some advice. Every time I hit a rock garden (pretty technical sections in Pisgah), my kickstand would catch on a rock. Made for a fairly shitty ride.

      So the question is, should I spring for a carbon kickstand? Give up mountain biking and stick to parking lots? No one else I rode with had kickstands on their whips, but I put that down to their being broke from all the beers they drink after every ride. Seems they’d rather spend their money on dropper posts and headsets and such. Advice?

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      I would just remove the kickstand, its just extra weight. If you looking to do trail riding and technical’s, it will just get in your way. My 29er Rockhopper Comp, and my 2019 27.5 Stumpjumper do not have kickstands, and I will not install any on them basis the kind of riding I do. The SMBA of Daniels Road State Forest is unforgiving.

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      I agree, just take it off… Or you can zip tie it up … Lol

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      They still make kickstands?!?  OK, seriously, I don’t know of anyone who uses one, from roadies to mtb’rs. And I spend my money on dropper posts and other such stuff as well; that stuff is way more fun when compared to something that a tree can do for me. So, skip parking lots and avoid getting snags in rock gardens by ditching the kick stand. Soon enough you won’t ever remember you had one

      Thats my 2.8 cents.

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      Good advice, But…But…

      What if I fit a 29’er fork up front? And it’s got boost spacing, so I can put some fat 2.8’s on and maybe air ’em up to say 65psi. That should fix the low BB problem, and I can sort of ‘pogo-stick’ my way around the trails. I can then fit kickstands on BOTH sides, so I can stop wherever I want!! Man, the other guys will be so jealous!

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        I’d say do away with the kickstand, but if you can fit 2.8’s, go for it. I’m thinking of upgrading my Stumpy with 2.8’s instead of the stock 2.6’s they come with. As great as they are, the trails are starting to get slick by me.

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      (BTW, it’s Sunday – Fun-day, right?)

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      When I first read this I honestly thought you were joking about the kickstand.  Dude, no serious biker – especially if you’re riding at Pisgah – uses a kickstand.  In fact, it’s actually dangerous and could very well get you into trouble on those trails.  It may feel odd at first but you’ll quickly find that it’s just as easy to lean your bike (rear wheel) against a tree, fence or car.  Pretty much anything that’s stationary and stable.  Of all the things to consider during a ride (right line, right gear, balance, momentum, etc etc) a kickstand should not be one of them.

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      just remember when you lay the bike down, do it derailleur up so you don’t bend the derailleur or hanger.

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      Hilarious! My wife was ticked that her mountain bike didn’t come with a kick stand. Not easy to explain why they are bad to someone who has never had a bad experience with one.

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      Ding Ding! We have a winner! THANK YOU OSCAR!!!!

      Just a joke, meant to make you smile.

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      Kickstand on a mountain bike….?    Um….   I can’t remember the last time I even *SAW* a kickstand on *ANY* bike (not a mountain bike, not a BMX bike, not a roadbike).  Take that thing off. You should also consider removing all the reflectors (front, rear, and the ones clipped to your spokes) in my opinion.

      Sell them all!  LOL

      Put on a pump.  Get either a pack (hyropak) or frame/seat mounted pack for trail-side repairs.

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      You’re doing it wrong. Get yourself a good cheap repair stand and duct tape it to your wrists right at grip width(you may need help from your riding partner). That way you have a nice place to hang your bike when stopped and you never second guess your hand position!

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      You landed a school of lunkers – well played! : D

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      Thank God it was a joke.

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      I did a double-take this past weekend when I saw a fairly new full suspension bike standing on a kickstand in the middle of the lot. It was a weird thing to see.

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