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      I want to buy a hardtail trail bike. My budget is 1K. I am deciding between talon 2, san Quentin 1, and rockhopper sport.  I live in long island NY so there are no mountains. I am looking to get something in the 36t or 32t chainrings. What is your take on it?

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      The less travel a bike has, the more it benefits from wider taller tires. For a Hardtail, I would be looking for at least 29×2.4 tires and 29×2.6 tires would be better.

      In addition, I would be looking for a Hardtail with modern progressive Trailbike geometry with something like a ~75 degree seattube angle and ~66 degree headtube angle. Bikes like the Rockhopper have old school XC geometry and narrow tires.

      Here are some modern geo Trail Hardtails that have 29×2.6 tires.

      Specialized Fuze
      Orbea Laufey
      Rocky Mountain Growler
      Salsa Timberjack/Rangefinder

      Here are some modern geo Trail Hardtails that have 29×2.4-2.5 tires.

      Norco Torrent HT
      Giant Fathom 29
      GT Zaskar LT
      Vitus Sentier
      Marin El Roy

      If I had to pick the best values, I would pick the Growler, Fathom 29, and Sentier.

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      Thanks for the advice.  The problem is that almost all of the bikes are over $1000.

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      I would also look at the Merida Big Trail (this is a new model).

      Availability will/may also be an issue. I’m in Australia our local dealer (Trek) can’t get adult bikes.

      So we did a 6.5 hour drive and talked to Specialized dealer he said that he hadn’t seen a bike since March. A Giant dealer said that he’d have 2 24″ bikes in for Christmas.  So we went to a big multi shop and multi brand dealer ship and put a deposit on 3 bikes with a initial delivery date of 2 months away.




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      Of those bikes, I like the San Quentin most — I’ve never ridden a Marin, but I’ve heard good things and what I’ve seen online has been great. However, you’re probably more likely to be able to get your hands on a Talon before a San Quentin is available (unless you’re buying used). That said, I’ve own two Giants and absolutely loved them, so I don’t think you can go wrong with a Talon! The SQ will be more aggressive, but if you’re riding mostly near where you live, any of those bikes will be great.

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      Talon looks great for the money


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      If you have some handy skills or a friend in a bike shop, you could build a great MTB with that budget. I built mine with $1,200 buying online (frame from chainreactioncycles) parts catching discounts. But you have to be patient. If not, I would go with the San Quentin as it has the more updated geometry and the best look in my opinion. Please find attached a picture of my hardtail built.

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      Thanks everyone for your advice.  After looking into the Marin and Giant, I was able to purchase a Maring Bobcat 3.  I know it’s not top of the line but I wanted to have a feel for Marin bikes. It has not arrived yet but I am can’t wait for it to be at home. Thanks renehlaure for sharing a pic of your bike. it looks great.

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      The ~1000$ Canyon Stoic which was just released today looks like it could be the bike to get.

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