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      Hi guys! I’m currently in the market for a new bike and I want to get a 29er. I have heard nothing but good things about them, but I’m a little under knowledged about the bikes out there. I want to upgrade from a 6 year old Trek 4300. I ride some singletrack and dirt trails mostly.

      So far, I have looked at these bikes:
      Specialized RockHopper
      Trek Mamba
      Giant Talon 29er 1
      Cannondale Trail SL 29er 4

      I would like to know what you guys suggest. A few questions I have are ones like:
      What is going to give me the biggest bang for my buck?
      What is going to be the most durable?
      What has the best fork?
      Hydraulic or Cable discs?

      If you have any advice as to what I should look into, I’m open to ALL advice and opinions. Thanks for any and all help! Ride on!


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