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      Ok I have pretty much a stock 08 Rockhopper. Weight of the current set up is just under 27.5 lbs. I am 5’10" about 230-220 some were in there. Most of the guys I ride with say I ride heavy.Which means I had to get some tougher wheels. I have solved the problem but wasn’t able to cut any weight. I want to cut some more weight. I will be racing next year so I got to cut some weight.I have put something like 600 plus mile on this bike in like 5 months.

      I am looking for a new fork the one I got now is heavy.(Dart 3)
      What do you guy recommed.

      Also I am very hard on my stuff, when I crash it is at high speeds and the bike does get throw down the trail when it happens.

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      hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm IM shocked no one has any help here.

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      I’d try the Fox F100 or Vanilla, but that’s a steep price for your bike and you didn’t state what the travel is of your current fork (100mm ?). I’d say upgrade to any Fox or Marzocchi fork that’s around the weight of what you’re looking for (which you didn’t state). They make quality forks. You also might want to stick to an air fork because of your weight, unless you work closely with a bike shop that can change out a fork spring if you need a heavier one. Like everything else, you get more bang for your buck.

      I wouldn’t worry about durability. It’s going to be hard to wreck a fork crashing. I’d only worry about it if your doing big drops (4+ ft.).

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      Good point that info may

      Right now it a 80mm. I want to cut has much weight has I can, but still have something that can take a crash or two. The trails we ride are mostly fast and smooth trails. I have been up to Michigan Tech which is super rough trail in parts.

      I have heard some bad things about the Sid from Rock Shox, when guys my size use them.I was Marzocchi site and I didn’t find any weights.And is there a good site were I can shop the MSRP of these shocks.

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      INFO on the ROCK SHOX Dart 3

      Travel 80mm
      Travel Adjust N/A
      Weight* 2223g (4.90lbs), 2123g (4.68lbs)
      Spring Coil (mine came with the firm)
      Spring Adjust Preload
      Damping TurnKey lockout
      Damping Adjust External rebound and TurnKey lockout
      Crown Forged, 6061 T-6 aluminum
      Steerer Tube STKM steel 1 1/8"
      Upper Tubes 28mm, 4130 steel, chrome
      Standard Colors Diffusion Black, Diffusion Silver (AM), Black (AM)
      Options XL STKM steel steerer, aluminum steerer, remote. Optional spring rates: Light, Firm, Extra Firm. Lowers: Magnesium, IS disc mount, Boss or disc specific, 29er
      Suggested Rear Shox Bar
      Upgrade Over Dart 2: TurnKey lockout, external rebound
      Max. Recommended Rotor Size 203mm
      Notes *Weight based on full length standard steerer

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      Or should I just look at buying a different bike for racing?

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      If you’re really serious about racing, and you want to keep riding a full suspension, it’ll be an uphill battle as far as finding a bike’s suspension that’ll stand up to your 220lb or so hammerfests.
      Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of FS frames that are meant for racing XC, but you’ll be hard pressed to get a design that’ll not be overwhelmed by your weigh. The best you could do is to find a total lockout rear shock, as Propedal, Motion-Control, and SPV will still sap momentum as they’ll still bob.
      Your best bet would be to go hardtail. And the next question would be…. what’s your budget?

      Gary Fisher’s newest race hardtails have their new Genesis2 geometery, which is not just hype. My wife has a HiFi, and she can vouch for it’s effectiveness, especially over their previous Genesis design. The Fisher Big Sur or Hoo-Koo-E-Koo, or Tassajara are excellent choices. And then there’s the Superfly…. <drool>

      Salsa also makes some killer hardtails, like the Dos-Niner or Moto Rapido. The Dos-Niner is a softtail 29’er, and I’ve heard it gives a very nice ride with good pickup for being a bigwheel.

      Then there’s the ever-popular and well-tested SantaCruz Chameleon. This bike is so versatile some guys keep two or three different component sets around so they can do a couple races; swap out parts, and then take it out as a well-rounded trailbike.

      And for Full-Suspension…. Rocky Mountain has updated their ETSX rig…. It’s definitely a bit beefier in the rear triangle/swingarm area. I like this one.

      But really, if you’re going to be a dedicated racer…. you need a bike that is specifically made for you, with your choice of wheels/drivetrain/fork/saddle/bar/etc. These guys will take your exact measurements, and you’ll end up with a work of art that’ll last you a helluva lot longer than most mass-produced bikes, as well as leave no room for questioning whether the bike is possibly too big or small, short or tall…. This question is agonized over by a lot of people, especially when a manufacturer doesn’t give exact body height/weight calculations for their different frame sizes (typically 15", 17", 19", 21"). These frame sizes may cover the average sized rider….. But none of us are average sized! 😀

      Go custom!

      Check out-

      [u:2qpvbxm2]Coconino Cycles[/u:2qpvbxm2]


      [u:2qpvbxm2]Retrotec/Inglis Cycles[/u:2qpvbxm2]


      [u:2qpvbxm2]Pereira Cycles[/u:2qpvbxm2]



      [u:2qpvbxm2]Ahrens Bicycles[/u:2qpvbxm2]


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      Th rockhopper is a Hardtail no need for FS in southeast michigan. What about the Yeti hardtails?

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      Th rockhopper is a Hardtail no need for FS in southeast michigan. What about the Yeti hardtails?

      My bad, I was thinking Stumpjumper…. sleep deprivation and all…. 😏

      Same diff anyways…. 😉

      Yeti makes awesome bikes…. but you only get one paint scheme, if that makes any difference.

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      The Stumpjumper comes Hardtail to. that is one of the bikes I was looking to get has well.

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      Eh… you should seriously give Fisher a try. Like I said, the Genesis thing they have going is definitely not hype. But I unnerstand if you’ve got a thing going with Specialized…. I’m a SantaCruz/Fisher brand-junky myself. 😉

      My specialty is full-suspension, but I’m starting on the hardtail thing. If I were to buy a race/light trail work hardtail, it’d go something like this:

      1- Coconino / Retrotec
      2- Fisher Big Sur / Moots YBB
      3- SantaCruz Chameleon / Yeti ARC
      4- And just for S&G’s, a BME Bamboo


      I’ve done some reading, and short-travel FS bikes are starting to become more common in Michigan, especially up north. If I was living back downstate (Owosso/Chesaning), I could see it being predominately a HT thing….

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      I’m just north of the D.A lot people are shocked at how many trails we got around Detroit, In fact Addison is maybe one of the best built trails and for the guys who like fast trails a must ride.Plus there is Bald MTN, Bloomer, and Stony Creek all with in a bike ride from my house. Pado isn’t that far it makes for a nice day trip or a weekend camping trip.

      Some of the dots are off on this pic but that is all of them that a close by.

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      I lived right next to the River Bend Park in Utica that has a decent trail network (as well as a shooting range!), some of which linked up to the Clinton River trails leading down to the Clinton River Park in Sterling Heights. Nothing challenging, but the trails are very well kept and fast, and it was always a great after-work ride to blow out the cobwebs. Check it out if you get a chance. 😎

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      if you want to save weight on a fork get an air shock. the coils in other forks are heavy. dont worry about your weight i ride with a guy that is 230-240 and we take 5ft drops to hard pack all the time. for the same strength of a product but less weight you will start paying out like crazy. get two bikes. one for strictly racing, the other for going out and trying to break bones.

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