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      So, I’m torn between upgrading my stock rear shock (Manitou Radium R on an 07 Cannondale Rush) and tweaking some more. Starting with the recommended settings, I’ve gone many clicks in either direction with the same high-compression effects. It’s fine at mfg recco for general trail, and even for sucking up repeated (10+ 6" to 2′ drops over waterboards at speed) but when I hit a solid drop (just over 2′) or those nifty rounded drops with a brief up at the other side (gentle U/C shaped ditch at speed that you don’t have to stand up for, and usually pedal through) the thing tries to launch me over the bars, even if I don’t accelerate.
      Pressure is set so that I never bottom the rear shock (by a fraction of a gnat’s butt) even on my biggest drops or the U shaped rolls in question.
      I’ve read that the Radium does have this nasty rebound habit, but before I go about replacing it (thanks for the Fox float suggestions, btw) I wonder if there’s something more I should try with the rebound and pressure settings.

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      In fairness, the 2’+ drops don’t happen that often. Those weird shaped, never leave the ground, drops do, and those are the ones that bug (and launch) me. If I go slower on the rebound, I do end up bottoming out in the worst places. Faster, and well, It doesn’t seem to launch so much as not soak up anything at all.

      Pressure changes are pretty much as expected. Lower is squishy feeling, and sucks (bounces) when you put the power down. Higher won’t soak up anything, and still launches when you hit the problem areas.

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      If you can’t get the rebound to the sweet spot where it a) doesn’t launch you on rebound or b) "pack up" after repeated compressions, then unfortunately it’s probably not the right shock for you/your average trails/our bike’s geometry.

      I know exactly what you’re referring to, as I have ridden bikes that do it, and my current fox RP3 does not have that negative effect, in fact, I have a nice, slow rebound, and yet it still doesn’t pack up after several hits.

      I’m not a fox fan-boy by any means, in fact I tend to prefer Marzocchi, but for this particular bike, the fox works really well and makes for very enjoyable riding.

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