Adding travel to my Marin Rift Zone 1 27.5


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      I am doing some heavy enduro riding and have a few enduro races coming up. I was wondering if I could fit a 150-160mm fork on my bike which currently runs a 130mm recon. Please also leave some for recommendations for hard enduro as well.




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      Are you pranking us? I can think of few bikes that would be less likely to make a good Enduro bike than the Rift Zone 27.5. You can’t really turn a short-travel Trailbike into an Enduro bike. If you put 150-160mm fork on the RZ, you will end up destroying the ride-ability of the RF and probably end up with a broken frame. The longest reasonable fork would be 140mm. Something like a 140mm Fox 36, Marzocchi 36, or Pike 35, some very aggressive tires, and maybe an angle adjusting headset is about as Enduro as the RZ can get. I hope you realize that a new higher quality fork is going to cost $600+. However, if you did install a 140mm Fox 36 (and an angle adjusting headset that slackened the head-angle by about 1.5 degrees), you would see a huge improvement in suspension quality and descending ability without destroying the bikes geometry. The Recon fork is pretty crappy so almost any thing you do will be an improvement.

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      I wish I was pranking you but I’m not. Thank you so much for your insight into this. I’m now not going to do this now. A few days ago I emailed Marin about this and they said that it might not affect the frame but it will break the warranty code.

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