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      My boys and I all have an account and we had always used the app to check in. We hadn’t been able to get out lately since the change last fall so this past week was the first time I really logged in since the app went away.  My account has lost all it’s badges and about 40 trails and profile pic.  It says I have been a member since 2016 when 2011 was the date.  So, just curious if there was a reset of sorts.  My boys seem to be good as their accounts started shortly after the 2016 date that mine says so all the badges are there and the trails are up to date now that I manually added the one from Florida last week.  The only thing I can tell for one for one of them is a profile pic is gone and the mobile check ins.  Just checking mainly for me and if there is anything I can do to refresh my account.  If not I will just add the 40 trails back on manually just didn’t know if something reset after the app was lost.  Thanks.

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      have you solve your problem yet?

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      No still the same issue on my account and my one son still doesn’t have his profile pic but I think he has everything else still.

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      Just curious of things still work, still 40 trails of mine not appearing but literally today I checked back in to one we go to a lot at Griffin Bike Park and that trail still doesn’t show as a trail I have ridden even though I have checked in there a lot over the years…

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      I have the same issue.  I like using singletracks to put “pins” in my map, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore

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      Thanks for the reports! It sounds like you are talking about these maps:

      Member Profile

      Member Profile

      How are you adding trails to those lists? Check-ins should automatically add the trail to the list the first time you ride tehre, but you can also add trails there by clicking the “I Rode It” button on a trail page.

      Figuring out how you’re adding trails to the map will help us narrow down the issue. Thanks!

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      That works and it adds to the map.  Cool


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      Use to check in with the app but before that always used the “I rode it” button.  It seems like my first five years are just gone.  2011-2016.

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      So, several years ago I had an issue and had created a second and then you actually were able to get it switched back.  My profile with this login info is Bob Boehman and that account is still there just now when I went to my badges and clicked on Indiana and then the profile was top 10 under Bob Boehman.  For some reason when we were in Florida and I logged in to check into a trail there without the app now, it reverted back to this bboehman account.  The other one does have all 62 trails minus the Florida one and badge from June as that got registered under this account for some reason.  So not sure how to get that switched back to the other account and get rid of this one?

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      Please email [email protected] with the email addresses for each of your accounts and we should be able to get things sorted.

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      Hope the account details are sorted by now.

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      For me, new posts/new replies would be highlighted. Have not seen this for months now.

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      None of the trails I add by clicking the “I rode it” button are added to my trail list and actually my number of ridden trails have been reduced from 250 to 246 the past couple of weeks.

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