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      Can someone explain to me out the login/logout is currently working? Sometimes I have to login more than once a day, other times it lasts for days? Just rather annoying so I’m curious about it.

      It used to be “once and done” but now it almost seems random.

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      That’s the reason I don’t post anything in these forums anymore. Elsewhere (Pinkbike, etc) I stay logged in, so I’m quite active on other forums. Here, it’s a pain in the ass to login sometimes, and I always get logged out after each post. Oh well.

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      You made my point exactly. On other sites, I have been logged in forever. And I get most of the same news on Pinbike where I stay logged in.  It used to be that way here but there’s been a lot of changes to this site in the last two years that make it less user friendly.  I am not a subscriber but this used to be my daily go-to for MTB news and such. Now I find I bounce here and quickly move on to other sites that give the same info without the pain of having to login – sometimes 2x a day.

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      Sorry you’re having trouble. I’m able to stay logged in for weeks at a time on my desktop computer, but I have noticed logins are not as sticky on mobile. I use Chrome on both iPhone and Mac.

      Are you using the site on mobile, or on a desktop computer? Which browser? Hopefully we can narrow down the issue and get it fixed!

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      It’s a forum software issue. Mobile (Samsung default browser), laptop using Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Opera, all the same. With cookies saved, I stay ‘logged in’ for years at other sites. Not so at Singletracks.

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      Thanks ZipHead. So you’re only being logged out when using forum pages, or is it the whole site?  How about article comments?

      We did some digging today and tweaked a few settings. Fingers crossed this helps!

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      So, I thought maybe the problem was solved – I read through the home page articles.  Left for a ride, came back and still logged in.  As soon as I switched to the forums I was logged out again. This is from a PC running Chrome on Windows 10.


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      I tried to log in to reply using Firefox and the login screen just sat there and didn’t resolve. Posting this reply on my phone. A lttle too fidgety for my taste here.

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      Progress! I think we found the issue, but time will tell. Confirmed that the login cookie was being set to expire at the end of the session; now it’s set to expire several months in the future. I don’t want to say it’s fully solved — we’ll have to wait and see — but it’s looking good.

      Thanks to everyone for helping us troubleshoot. Fingers crossed that the next time you log in, it will stick!

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      Thanks, Jeff!

      It was holding as of this morning – so hopefully all is well now.

      Appreciate the work

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      Thanks Ken. You’ll probably need to log in once more to apply the fix, but after that it should hold for a year.

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      Well I logged in yesterday, and then today I had to log back in….

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      Thanks, Jeff. Good so far.

      I’ll log back in when I get back from Pisgah tonight, see if the cookie stays.

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      If I close the browser (newest MS offering), I will have to log in again on next visit which can be minutes apart or days apart.

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      Sunspot, we found the issue was cookie were being set to expire at the end of the session, which fits with your description. Now, we’ve confirmed cookies are being set to expire in 1 year.

      Are you still being logged out after closing your browser today?

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      Still having issues with Firefox, but Chrome, Opera, Brave, and K-Meleon browsers as well as my mobile browser are working fine. I think the Firefox issue is on my end…I might have it set to dump cookies when it closes. Thank you Jeff.

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      Two days and still logged in. Hoping it is fixed.

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      Still logged in. Looks like the issue is fixed.  Thanks for your work on this!

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