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      Hi everyone,

      Long time lurker first time poster (bet you haven’t heard that before). Anywho, as the title states I’m looking for some input on my next bike purchase. My current bike that I’m looking to replace is my 2008 Specialized Stumpjumper 29er. Its done me well but could probably use a total overhaul of components and before dumping that much into I’d like to get a new bike, because who doesn’t like shiny. I live and ride in Wisconsin so mostly flowy singletrack but some trails can be very technical with decents and climbs alike. Ive been trying to play around with stem lenghts trying to make it a better decender but I’ve come to realize I dont like the super short stems on climbs.

      I’m looking at hardtails mainly for price and thats all I’ve ridden thus far, but are there any XC 29er’s that are particulary good when it goes downhill? I’m not stuck on any one brand, and budget is $2500-ish. Thoughts? Its snowy and poopy here right now so I’ve been occupying myself on the fat-bike but I still like my 29er’s.

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      Check out the giant anthems advanced or just regular anthems. Great reviews and also Giant is notorious for their quality to cost ratio lots of bang for your buck with Giants. I rode a anthem advanced 0 there top spec (out of your price range) it was amazing on the ups great on the down!!!

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      Are you set on 29 or is 27.5 a possibility? Personally I just switched to FS and wouldn’t go back. I can see why people that race might prefer HTs but for recreational riding I just love the rear shock.  I have a  Giant Stance, http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-us/bikes/model/stance.27.5.1/22210/84048/ very nice bike and great value..   I put on a shorter stem, higher rise bars and a KS eTEN dropper seat post Shimano pedals.. total of about $250 in mods and I love it.  Or for a bit more the Specialized FSR  www.specialized.com/us/en/bikes/mountain/stumpjumper-fsr/stumpjumper-fsr-comp-650b   is nice. But both are 27.5  Giant does not make an FS in a 29 and Speicalized FSR come in both.  www.specialized.com/us/en/bikes/mountain/stumpjumper-fsr/stumpjumper-fsr-comp-29

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>That’s not true Alvin giant makes 2 full suspension 29ers on that retails over 5,000 and one that is perfect Bobbys a budget at 2,700 and still has a good spec</p>

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      I love my 27.5 Giant XTC 2 hard tail (2014) because it is light and nimble for the XC type riding I love to do. On rocky technical terrain it requires good sized tires.  I recently upgraded to Maxxis Ikon 2.35×27.5 for here in Southern Arizona: loose, dry, rocky

      An addition to my stable of bikes soon will be a FS and possibly back to 29 in order to have better clearance over the rocks. I’ve been considering the Giant Anthem series amongst others.

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        Going 29 may not help clearance, depends on the specific bike. Generally the bb height of an average 29er is the same as an average 26er or 27.5. The “bb drop”, which is the amount of distance that the bb is below the axle height, is usually greater on a 29er. That’s why people describe a 29er’s ride as feeling more “in” the bike than “on” the bike.

        And actually on the Giant Anthem the 29 vs 27.5 has different wheelbase and head angle also. Quite different bikes.

        Also for clearing obstacles, if you roll over them a 29er will be better, but if you manual or lift the front tire over obstacles the longer chain stay on a 29er makes it more difficult to lift the front tire.

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      xc 29ers that are good downhill?

      Look into the Rocky Mountain Element and Yeti ASR.  Both are xc race steeds that can get rad.  The entry level Element may be in your price range, but the ASR probably not.


      Today’s trail 29ers are xc-light and excellent downhill which may be a good option for you.

      Look at the Rocky Mountain Instinct, Orbea Occam TR or Breezer Supercell.  All have entry level models at or near your desired price.

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      Thanks for the responses so far. I’m not particularly stuck on wheel size just have been used to 29ers for most of my riding. There are some great suggestions its just hard to find these in my area. Any Giant dealers only has low end hard tails around me. Some of the Trek dealers had a better selection.  Any opinions on Treks Fuel line?

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Great 120-140 trail bikes my buddy has a 2015 ex 8 that he paid 1900 for and he loves it the ex is a great trail ripper</p>

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      DL3 I meant The Giant Stance does not come in 29,, didn’t mean they didn’t a 29, I worded it poorly.

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      The Fuel is a great bike. I rode the 27.5 version this summer and I was impressed with its performance. Personally, I would go with the 29er version, because I like the bigger wheels.

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