A question about cannibas and trail riding.

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      Hello. Every Sunday, at 830 am I kick it up a gear starting down that hill of the towpath trail I ride. Last Sunday I rode 25 miles. Now, some may not all agree, and that is okay. But my question is, does anybody consume marijuana before, or after a ride? I typically smoke 1 joint before my ride, with a 10 minute wait period from putting said joint out, to getting on my bike. I guess what I’m asking is, does anyone do this? And would it be better to do it before, or after my ride?

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      Frankly, that is on you, Nick!

      Years been and gone, my buddy carried a Chris King water bottle that wasn’t your everyday water bottle, it was a power hitter! That fog machine was pretty damn awesome at the time. The “darker days” of my life were indeed fun. Needless to say, some folks enjoy a puff before, some during and some following.

      Que up “Smoke Two Joints” by the Toyes for a fun ballad that will surely make ya smile!

      I prefer the Toyes version over Sublime’s…


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      I hadn’t considered it before but I would have to make sure I didn’t accidentally indica myself when I meant to sativa. Nothing like getting sleepy halfway through a ride….and bring snacks…lol

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      I am a fan of pre ride puff. Helps to clear my head and quiet the voices putting me in ride zone. Not for everyone but for me as essential as a dropper. Sure you can ride without but why?

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      I save the puff for epic views when riding. Long rides tend to get this treatment. Stop along the trail and just chill hard witha cold brew looking into the distance before a DH section. Chaced with lots of water while swinging from a hammock in a sketchy spot. Sold! I prefer in the trees. But if I am just slaying local trails. I’ll bring it along and rarely puff. Doing 20 miles a day. I just don’t make time for it like I would on an epic ride 40+ miles. To each their own. But that’s how I do things.

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      Afterwards, not before or during for me. I prefer to ride without my senses altered.

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      It helps me pretend to be a tiny alien piloting a space ship. Fear and Loathing in Pisgah.

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