A good Heart Rate watch that doesn’t cost to much?

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      I want to do bike ridding and hiking with this, other wise I would just buy the Garmin Edge 305 with the heart monitor.

      Is there anything out there that doesn’t cost and arm and leg, maybe at or less then $100?

      Thanks, Michael

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      Polar seems to make pretty good heart rate monitors.
      The FS1 is the cheapest basic HR monitor from Polar. You can find them new on Ebay for about $50. The next step up is the F6 and it is around $100 new on ebay.

      Good Luck!!

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      Thanks Jeff, I bought a Polar F6 ($66.00 New) a couple of weeks ago.

      Thanks again, Michael 😃

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      The Timex Ironman is probably one of the most reliable and well know. For just basic heart rate function Oregon Scientifics are pretty inexpensive (under $70).
      For biking though it is just nice to have a GPS function that measures speed and distance so if you have the $$ then step up to what the pros use – Garmin.
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