A $2800 FS Carbon Bike for 4-7 Year Olds

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      photo: carbonxscycle.com

      Carbon XS Cycle is selling a US $2,800 carbon full suspension mountain bike designed for kids 4-7 years old. It’s an impressive piece of engineering: 50mm of rear travel, a 3-size adjustable frame, 20″ carbon wheels and nine speeds with a weight under 16 lbs. The bike was designed by Australian dad David Stevens and is claimed to be the lightest 20″ FS bike available.

      David built the bike for his 4-year-old daughter who ended up winning the under 8-year-old category at a mountain bike race on an early version of this bike. No, this bike isn’t for every kid under 7 and yes, this price is crazy for a kid’s bike… but the fact that it exists is pretty freaking awesome. Surely there will be some parents out there who can afford this bike–and I hate them. 🙂

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      What a gorgeous ride.  With kid’s fleeting interests and their propensity to grow out of bikes as fast as shoes, it’s not very realistic but if you’re of the mindset to spend $2.5k on your toddlers bicycle, you’re not likely to be too worried about that.

      No hate for the guys buying it.  I would have given my brother to own one when I was a kid.  Well, actually, I would have just been happy getting rid of my brother but if I could get a bike with the deal, all the better.

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