80mm rims with 27.5*3 tires??

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    Going to convert my winter ride (farley 5) into a dirt machine this summer….my winter set up is 27.5*4 on 80mm

    Im hoping to use my same rims–and just change out the tires…

    Has anyone done this??

    If so do the 27.5*3 on 80mm work good??


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    80mm rims are really wide for a 3″ tire. Most “real” plus-size rims are well under 50mm.

    If you definitely want to go narrower for dry conditions, you might consider the Vee Bulldozer. The Bulldozer appears to be a pretty good all-round tire with decently low rolling resistance, and it’s offered up to 3.25″ wide which is probably your best bet with such wide rims.


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    I agree with Jeff… or you can ride the same tire thru out summer, like I do. Makes you stronger for the next winter :).

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    My LBS is saying the same thing….he said he would bring in the 3″ and give it a try….”the rim will be as wide as the tire” were his words…..but if they dont work out we will try something different…

    I will keep you posted….


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