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      I have heard these tires are great for just about any terrain. Are there any other tires in this price range that are comparable.

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      I like that the Velociraptors are front and rear specific. I’m a big fan of using different tires for different wheels as they do different jobs.

      As for other tires, a lot of people like Nevegals. I don’t use them myself, but I think they’re around the same price.

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      I have run Velociraptors for 5 years and only just this month switched to a more XC oriented tire.

      The WTB’s have pretty high rolling resistance and they are heavy. but for $20 the traction and durability are hard to beat. They also come in a ‘race’ version that are substantially lighter, but a bit more expensive.

      Bottom line, they have ridiculous traction, and if the weight doesn’t bother you, go for it!

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      I switch my Nevegals for some small block 8’s and prefer the small block 8’s to the nevegals.

      Never used the Velociraptors.

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      I was also looking at these, i still have my stock tires on my fuel ex 6 2010. Ive been looking for new tires for some time now. I guess i really dont know where to start. i want a fast tire with not much resistence but i also dont want to wobble around when i ride sand single track in gunnison. But once the snow melts ill be riding primarly in Crested Butte. any suggestions. Should i just get different rear tires? whats the benefits of smaller rear tire?

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      Have a look at the Geax line. I’m running the AKA in Denver and recently in Moab and I love them.

      http://www.singletracks.com/blog/mtb-ge … re-review/

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      I’ve used the Velociraptors and liked them a lot. I do think they are heavier than other options, but if you’re not shaving ounces, the traction, durability price seem hard to beat in my experience.

      I just recently started riding WTB Moto-raptors. They don’t have the front/rear specific tread of the Velociraptor, but it’s a pretty agressive tread and traction and durability have been good so far. Plus I picked them up dirt cheap on chainlove. If you haven’t already, that’s a great place to keep an eye on to pick up different tires on the cheap to experiement with.

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