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      "CraigCreekRider" wrote

      Kudos to you MTBers in Florida. No mountains, hot, humid, flat, and swampy. Not the top of the list for mountain biking. Yet whenever I see photos of your trails and such, they are impressive. Talk about making the most of what you have. Good job. Looking at the Markham trails inspired this post. I occasionly visit Ocala, but can never fit in a ride. We have the terrain where I live, but not the interest level that I see in your state.

      Well we may not have mountains, but we do have old phosphate mines and rock quarries. Although the hills may not be over 40 ft. tall, they are steep and technical with narrow ridges. I used to think the same thing…mt. biking in Florida?! There are no long drug out climbs but at the same time we have no extended downhills. What we do have is some decent trails that would surprise many people from out of state. Loyce Harpe Park( fromerly known as Carter Rd. Park), Alafia, and Boyette, are some of the best trails in the state located in central Florida with Santos near Ocala. Hopefully we will be reopening Gran Canyon in Brooksville soon. If you visit Florida, bring your bike.

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