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      Hello All,

      I got into mountain this past summer and my ol 99′ is ready to be retired or have a major overhaul (aka shifters, front and back derailer, crank, cogs, front shocks). I have written on this forum in the past and you all seem like you know what your are talking about. im looking at the 09′ specailized rockhopper pro and the 09 Trek 6700. I am currently riding basic singletrack trails, but I want to take on more and i feel like these ht’s are what I need. both are around the same price at the LBS but since I am new to the sport I would love to hear what the pro’s and con’s to each component of the bike. Here are the links of the specs?



      Main concerns:

      Which has the better front shock, Recon Coil or Recon Slite?
      Casset- SRAM PG950 11-34, 9 speed vs Shimano HG-50, 9-speed, 11-34t
      Tires- Bontrager Jones XR vs Specialized Fast Trak LK Control or should i also invest in another tire?
      Anything else?

      Love to hear of personal experiences with either. I know you are going to say go and ride them, but i have ridden both and can’t deside.


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      Looks like it’s unanimous so far…

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      I guess so maddslacker… I was wondering why cuz I was actually leaning toward the Trek before this post. Plus that whole Specialized Hate thread i read yesterday.

      Which bike’s components will last longer?
      Which is better for upgrades?
      Are there any immediate components to swap right away?

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      Well the components, as a package, or pretty equal.

      Both frames are most likely made in Taiwan by Giant.

      I started mountain biking on a 2003 Rockhopper and it was (is) a great bike. I still ride it as a commuter for work and around town.

      But hey, Lance rides a Trek, so…

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      If both ride awesome and cant decide i say flip for it. I dont think you can go wrong with either bike although i do lean towards the Specialized a bit only because my friend that got me into mountain biking has one. LOL but i dont think you can go wrong with either. If you liked them both i guess you can go on what look you like best. Although from the "LOOKS" of them both it would be hard to decide as well. LOL Both sweet looking machines 😎 Good luck

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      I really enjoy the Trek models. All around they have good bikes for their money.

      But more so, I really love Specialized, I find the Rockhopper to be one of my absolute favorite models of any bike, I also like the Hardrock.

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      I rode a Trek 7000 for nearly 10 years as my main bike and it held up well. The 7000 was discontinued but as far as I can tell the 6700 is the 2009 equivalent bike.

      If you plan on riding this bike forever, components don’t really matter that much – you’ll break and/or upgrade those along the way. So basically look at the frame you’re buying. Light weight is good, flimsy welds are bad. And like Biohazard74 said, pick the better looking frame (all other things equivalent).

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      what type of terrain do you ride and where in the country?

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