5th Annual Triple D Winter Race (EPIC!)

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      For all the cold hard facts go to http://TripleDRace.Blogspot.com

      The Triple D Winter race is a winter endurance trail event that traverses Dubuque County Iowa in the dead of winter by bike, ski or foot.

      What makes this race different from other marathon and ultra-marathon distance races? Well, it’s in the WINTER for one! Winter racing isn’t about being in fast or in shape; it’s about mental toughness and fortitude. Your number one goal is to simply finish! If you approach Triple D with that in mind it is an incredibly fun event. There is only a 30% finish race for the bike division (think a 100km race is easy? give it a shot).

      Who participates in Triple D? The race draws about 100 competitors each year representing a complete cross section of individuals from current and pro racers (even a former Tour de France bike racer), top US cross country skiers to local recreational enthusiasts and top ultra-marathon runners. There are even a couple former Iditarod trail racers who compete in Triple D.

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      Sorry, January 15th (MLK Sunday) 2012, Dubuque, IA at the Grand Harbor Resort and Waterpark.

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      Sounds like a cool event!

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