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      Hey everyone,

      Just thought I would introduce myself. My name is Donnie and I am new mountain biker. I have ridden dirtbikes my entire life but upon moving to WV I picked up a used Cannondale SV-1000 and have never looked back. I am actually suprised at how addicting riding has been. I never thought I would prefer climbing 1000 feet for a 5 minute single track over a dirtbike, but I love it. I look forward to hearing about people and their experiences as well as sharing my own.


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      Welcome to the club, Donnie. Pretty soon you’ll be as loony as the rest of us.

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      Welcome to the addiction 😆

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      Welcome. 😃

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      "ChiliPepper" wrote

      BTW, I love your signature, that rocks and so true! 😄

      Thanks, I actually came up with that one myself. Although, I am sure someone else has said something similiar.

      I appreciate the warm welcome and am glad to be here. I hope I can contribute!

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      Welcome aboard! This site is a blast! I have read a lot and learned a lot from this site. 😎

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      Welcome Dude, glad to have you aboard!

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