53 y.o. noob MTB’er – 9 rides in the log and LOVING IT :)

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    Hi everyone. Joined a few weeks ago and have kept up my riding to the point where my last (9th) time out was me churning trail like a beast. It takes struggling thorough a few (maybe more than that) legs/lungs/heart killer outings to get here. I’m a former climber (it’s been about 15 yrs.), former gym-rat (been about 10 yrs on that), and current deep-woods primitive camper – so I know that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It’s just been such a long time since anything has owned me so completely as MTB – and being owned, for me at least, can easily be the start of something good.
    I’m in SC, near Charlotte, if you’re familiar, and have ridden Riverwalk, Baxter, and Anne Springs Close greenway. The ASG destroyed me and I’m not even close to going back- yet, Baxter sent me off like a whipped little boy twice now, and Riverwalk is my training ground. My last ride there had me getting more miles (12), more time (2 hrs), and faster speeds by maybe 30% than ever before on the green loop.
    Loving the aspect of actual training again – where you have to watch nutrition, pre and post-ride stretching and warm up/down, etc. – and also loving one of the things I had to deal with while climbing; people trying to sanitize the experience. A close friend of mine was killed climbing in ’88 and a rider was killed here recently on Baxter trails. I can dig it. Those trails shocked me. They’re serious and dangerous place to be – but really isn’t that the point? A lot of couch-riders will come out of the woodwork and want to outlaw men and women pushing themselves, but old men know that if it can’t hurt you there’s really no point. I facebook’d a picture of my forearm bleeding after a crash at Baxter two weeks ago, and my ancient climbing buddy friends said hey that might look like fun 😀.

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    Good to hear you are having fun. If you get a chance check out the trails at the National Whitewater Center up in Charlotte, NC. I was there in July and had a blast, its worth the drive for you when you’re ready.

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    Welcome to the sport, glad to hear you are having so much fun already!! I’m in Charlotte, and we definitely have a lot of riding up around here that you need to check out! Everything is pretty beginner friendly – some will push your limits, some you might walk the first few times – but like you said, if it doesn’t push you what’s the point? As you get more comfortable you def need to hit up Uwharrie and of course Dupont and Pisgah. When you head west to the mountains Dupont should be your first stop – it’s a nice intro to the area – the trails are a bit tamer then Pisgah proper, but it will give you a similar elevation profile so you’ll get a taste of the climbing out there.

    Check out the Tarheel Trailblazers – you can always throw up a message on the boards there if you want anyone to show you around a new trail. Most are one way and very well marked, but it’s always nice to have someone show you the trail the first time to give you a heads up on any upcoming features. I’d offer to show you around but I’m off the trails right now getting my shoulder back in shape. Any questions though, feel free to throw my way!!


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