5-day excursion / Wasatch, Pole, Lost Trails +++

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      Hey there:

      Is there anyone out there who likes to do multi-day mt bike trips in the high country?  Planning on riding in the South San Juans this summer, and I’ve got some specific trails and long 4wd connector trails that will touch some of the greatest sites and highest points in Colorado.  I’m probably not the rider I was 10-20 years ago .. haven’t checked … but if you are interested and/or also have a family & friends that demand you stop riding solo and partner up when you roll into the wild, then PM me.  EVERYONE DIES, BUT NOT EVERYONE LIVES

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      Hey Fattirefreak, as you obviously well-know, you have picked the right place for amazing backcountry riding and scenery.  Wish I could join you … totally jealous.  And I can’t agree with you more on the live and die statement.  Keep livin’ the dream and ride on !!!!!!!   My wife and family have given up on trying to convince me not to ride alone in backcountry settings. =)

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