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      I’m currently running a 3×9 with 22/32/44 and 11/36. I’ve found myself never using the 22 or the 44, so I’m going to remove them and just use the 32 (for now) Question is, what’s a better tooth count for the 11/36? I ride north Georgia and areas around Chattanooga and Collegedale Tennessee.

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      Just as important as your region is your output. How do you feel when your ride the 32? Are you often using the tallest gear on the cassette when riding? Do you often have to drop to your granny?

      If yes to the only first, consider trying a taller front ring. If yes to only the latter, I’d suggest a 28-30. If yes to both, stay where you are and eat your Wheaties.

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      32. I don’t think you can go smaller with that BCD.

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      I was thinking a 36t. I usually keep it in 3rd except for climbs.

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