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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>I have a 2016 Canyon Nerve AL7 and am just about to start a bearing replacement and gear upgrade while I have the bike in bits.
      It’s currently an xt 3×10 setup with Mavic Crossride wheels (Not compatible with microspline adapters). Since shimano groupsets are near impossible to come by and 1×12 shimano impossible on my hub without replacing the rear wheel, I’ve been researching alternatives. I’m after peoples advice and opinions on the following.

      Sunrace CSMZ903 11×51 Cassette</p>
      Shimano XT shifter 12 speed M8100

      Shimano XT derailleur M8100

      Don’t know what chain yet.


      Keep existing XT Crank and use middle ring with narrow wide ring in centre position

      or preferAbly if I can afford it:-

      Replace cranks with XT or SLX.

      Would keeping the existing crank idea work? And is there anything else I’d need except for the obvious cables etc? Spacers??
      This will be the first time I’ll have ever done a transmission change and although I’ve done a lot of research I really need some reassurance that my ideas will work.

      Thanks for your help..

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      It looks that cassette would work on a normal HG hub and the other parts should work.  If budget is a concern,  you can go 1×11 much cheaper achieve similar gear ratio range.  Everything is cheaper in 11 speed; cassettes, chains, shifters and derailleurs. It all adds up.  It is not the latest stuff but it is still really good.

      That is what I did,  I have a 30t chainring and a 11-46 cassette.  I could have gone to a 50t top end cassette but I did not need to for my trails.  I am really happy with it.

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      I looked at that but found that prices were very similar at the moment. I can see that the groupset prices are cheaper in 1×11 but at the moment none are available. I have to buy in component parts.


      Sunrace CSMZ903 11×51 12 speed Cassette £85-£100

      Shimano xt Cassette 11 speed £84

      Shimano XT shifter 12 speed M8100 £56

      Shimano XT shifter 11 speed M8000 £56


      Shimano XT derailleur M8100 £105

      Shimano XT derailleur M8000 £80

      Only a difference of £21-£36 depending on availability and I’m pretty sure that the crank and chain ring are also a very similar price.


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      Wow,  that is not how it is with US vendors right now.  Here it is cheaper and available.  Of course the supply chain is still a mess,  so who knows that could change fast.

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