29er’s FS for Wife that is 5′ even?

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      My wife is 5′ tall and looking to replace her full suspension 26". I know that options for a 29er are a bit limited for someone that only stand 5′. For example I know 9er makes the Jet in an XS, there are couple others. My worry is that a 29er in an XS may be pushing the geometry of a bike that would work well.

      Is there anyone that has first hand experience with my dilemma?


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      Is there a reason for being dead set on a 29er? You can still move up in wheel size from a 26 to a 27.5 and have lots of options.

      Some bikes even build the same frame around different wheel sizes based on frame size. For instance, the Yeti ASR is a 29er in the M and L sizes, but employs 27.5 in the S and XS sizes. It seems like a pretty good way to optimize performance based on the rider’s size.

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      Any chance you have a nearby bike shop that could help her with a demo? It’s common practice would give her firsthand experience on riding wagon wheels.

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      27.5 is an option, just try to get thoughts on a 29.

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      I was recently shopping for a bike and rode 29ers and 27.5s. The 29ers do roll over stuff better, but the 27.5 felt better to me at 5-8. Both bike I rode were Anthems. I ended up with the Anthem SX 27.5 and I am enjoying it! Still hauls the mail over roots and rock gardens and I feel balanced on it.

      For me the biggest difference was going from 26 to the 27.5. On paper, it didn’t look like much of a change, but it is.

      Have her try several out!

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      My wife just bought a new 27.5 this weekend, she is 5’2" and after riding several 29er’s she said the bike felt better than the 29 and she felt more confident with the 27.5 than the 29.

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      Big wheels for big (taller) folks IMO.
      Scale wheel size to height and reach and the riding experience is much better. My first ride on a 29er being 6’3" was eye opening, having ridden a 26 or less forever.

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