29er wheel and tire recommendations?

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      I just got a new Redline d660 29er but I’m thinking I need to upgrade the wheels and tires right away – wheels are heavy, tires seem a little, errr, basic. When I bought the bike I was fully prepared for the sucky wheels – most of the reviews I read mentioned the same thing. The tires are probably fine but I’d like to see what other options are out there.

      Sooo… Anyone have good 29er wheel recommendations? The stock wheels on the bike have WTB Laserdisc 29 Trail rims which seem ok but the hubs are Redline with a 3-cross spoke pattern (not to mention the spokes themselves are basic and hefty).

      The tires that came with the bike are Maxxis Ignitor but I’m looking for something with a little less rolling resistance up front and maybe more grippage in back. Suggestions?

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      Alot of guys in the Alabama, Georgia area like the ignitor in front and the maxxis crossmark in back. With 29ers, in my opinion, tubeless is a must. I like both crossmarks as well. They are light and still give good traction/cornering. As far as the wheels, stans ztr are pretty sweet.

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      I ride those same rims and haven’t had problems yet altho I’ve only had my Niner for a couple months now. I have WTB hubs also, not the redline. I ride the Panaracer Rampage 2.35 on both front and rear and really do like them.

      I have heard the WTB rims were not the strongest and if I were to switch out I would look into the Stans rims. I weigh 225 and haven’t felt like the rims are weak or flexy…..yet.

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