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      Have a trek stach and really like the 3 inch tire and know I am looking for a different bike with the 3 inch tire only bike I can find is the surly krumpas. Anyone know of any others?

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      See The Salsa Deadwood. 29er plus full suspension rig. 120mm pike with 91mm travel in the rear.


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      • The Niner ROS 9+: http://www.jensonusa.com/Niner-Ros-9-Plus-2-Star-SLX-Bike
      • Chumba Ursa: https://www.chumbausa.com/ursa
      • Otso Voytek: https://otsocycles.com/products/voytek-trail-plus-bike (can run other wheel sizes too)
      • Motobecane and Bulls Eye: http://www.bikesdirect.com/products/plus-bikes-plus-bicycles.htm
      • Surly ECR 29+: https://surlybikes.com/bikes/ecr

      That’s all I have off the top of my head. If anyone knows of others, please add them here!

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      Just about any fatbike can be converted to run a 29+ setup too. Just need to have the wheels laced up for it. The deadwood would be my pick though if I had deep enough pockets.


      Edit: Did some looking around though. Salsa Woodsmoke and Fargo both can run 29+. The Jones Plus is another frame option as well.

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        Carver Gnarvester (Al and Ti) http://carverbikes.com/bikes/titanium-gnarvester/

        RSD Big Chief http://www.rsdbikes.com/portfolio/v2-big-chief-cr-mo/

        Muru Mungo (australian, but ships to US )  http://www.murucycles.com/mungo-plus

        Travers RussTi (doesn’t ship to US, but nice frame and their Prong XC fork is one of few carbon boost forks) http://www.traversbikes.com/russti.html

        I was looking at titanium for a while

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