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      Hello neebie here, just startd mtb this yr and picked up a really nice new GT 29er HT, i love it… However lesson to be learnt about big purchases before testriding. I wanted the new and exciting 29’s so i got the Med frame as opposed 26er Lrg …after a few rides i still found it hard to catch myself on a simple fall, obv i cannot return it so im seekin other alternitives. Ive researched the hell outta what to do, like maybe i was doing something wrong. Really wish i had gotten better advice and fit test beforehand but maybe they didnt take me serious (seein as it was the cheapest bike in the whole store) but hey we all start somewhere. I did get the chance to ride a singlespeed 26er in NC on vac. and owned that Mtn park was in total control. So my question is would i be able to put 26 maybe even 650b in hope to drop the frame and give me some balance and not feel so top heavy.???
      Thanks alot, any and all advice is much appreciated!

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      Short answer: nope.

      The bottom bracket will end up too close to the ground and you will smack the pedals on everything.

      You’re better off to sell or trade it in toward something else.

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      Thanks alot, seein as im really taking a liking to this FS is also a major consideration! Maybe ill trade up in the spring now that i learnt some buying lessons.. Thanks again.

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      When you are looking to buy again too don’t count out the 29er. You might try different brands/sizes/ types as well as 26ers. The best way to find a bike that fits you is to ride a ton of them. Go to a bunch of different shops and ride anything that is close to what you might want. You might be surprised with what you end up liking.

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      I went the opposite direction, going from my Trek 930 with 26" rims to a Trek Mamba with 29" rims and I can’t go back.

      The only reason I still ride the 930 is because I can’t put the baby trailer on the Mamba. Other than that, I have no need of the 930 any longer so I can’t understand not liking a 29er, but to each his own, I guess.

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